Akera Data Services is comprised of a group of pipeline integrity experts all committed to serving the pipeline integrity industry through inline inspection data analysis and data manipulation. Our goal is to help you turn your inspection data into usable information (to provide solutions to a clients needs; whether is assisting in the analysis of the data, streaming the analysis process and or determining repairs, our objective is to find a solution that will save time and money.) Our subject matter experts are here to be complimentary pieces to your integrity organization (without affecting the budget and) giving you the freedom to focus on managing the pipeline.

What We Do

Run Comparisons

Our Proprietary software allows us to align inspection data side-by-side with accurate feature matching, giving you a more complete picture of your pipeline.

Corrosion Growth Analysis

We use industry specific standards, along with previous inspection data to determine potential problem areas through growth calculations.

Detailed Segment Analysis

Our mission is to help you turn your data into digestible information. We will analyze you run, provide action items and help you prioritize your remediation.

Dig Sheet Generation

Dig Sheet Generation Regardless if you have multiple runs from different tool vendors, or just a pipe listing, our dig sheet generator makes it simple to print dig sheets on the fly.

Raw ILI Data

Our industry experts have a combined 20 years experience at analyzing raw ILI data from all major vendors. We will go through your raw data provide you with insightful feedback and help you integrate the information.

Data Storage

Collecting ILI runs on hard drives in your office? We make storing data easy. With our secure servers, we will index and store all your inspection data, and provide you with instantaneous access for whenever you need it.